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Welcome. You've reached the latest incarnation of ImagesFromHere.com, an eclectic assortment of photographs by Thomas Athey. This site was launched in the fall of 2004 and is always a work in progress. You can browse recent posts by using the 'Previous' and 'Next' buttons or by opening one of the category archives on the right. Or you can check out some of my favorite images by clicking on the thumbnails below.

My more recent work has strayed significantly from the traditional photographic format. Visit my new site ā€“ The Memeplex ā€“ to see what Iā€™m talking about.

Longhorn Dam IlluminationBlue CactusSlidePoppiesBlue Lapis LightIvy FenceLamp PanelsYellow ManSkylineSteps 9258Clouded EyeAftermathStacy LadderMontopolis BridgeTuba PlanetBank Shadow 3636Peppers 1955Painted Squares 2050BS Foot 0229WingSunset LoopsPfluger Bridge 8946LonghornBig Leaves 0783Shadows 7315BuoySquash 0635Blue Lapis LightFrost Bank 8615Texas FloodChainBlue Lapis LightOmniOrange BarrelsWicketDinosaur GateFlyoverLoopsBlue Bricks24FXCrossTexas 130State GarageOn WisconsinMore Pond LeavesAugerN 0471Blue WavesGreen RockTuba ChristmasC Not CBalmorailSt. EdwardsBeach FlipRed QuadAirport FlipJesusFinnDead FlowerWater ReflectionsCarparkMcKinney FallsGrafitti 0047Running DogEast 11thFlip Flop 0548Blue GratePad With HandIrisAnother FlyoverArch WaveStevie RayNoseconeUmlauf DiverLamar BridgeLighthouseCity Hall AgaveWater LilySand Ripples

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